I’ve just had my first piece accepted for publishing. It’s just a short flash-fiction piece, but it’s a start.

I’ve also e-published three collections of short stories and novellas to KINDLE, using their createspace utility. I can highly recommend their services. Great for new writers, and e-publishing is ideal for shorter work. Titles are:

The Maine Coon . . . a Cat’s Tale and Others”

“Something old, something new”

and my latest “Wishing Your Life Away”




will find them.


Hello World!

Now I’m retired, and find myself with free time to do things other than play golf, play bridge, play guitar and uke, read my Kindle, read real books – new material for a change instead of my old collection of old sci-fi and fantasy, cook, and explore Northumberland now I’ve moved here, I’ve taken up MOOC courses. Mass Open On-line Courses.

I’ve taken Creative Writing, which had spurred me to take up the pen again – more of that in a moment. I’m just completing an Introduction to Forensics, which has been fascinating, and I’m following that up with an Introduction to Forensic Psychology. After that it’s Local Journalism, with a focus on on-line.

A small number of fellow students in Creative Writing said we’d keep in touch and continue helping each other and reviewing each other’s work, which two things were the best features of our course. We chose this online method as the preferred way, and this is my writing site. Some of the sites are accessible by invitation only but I’ve left mine open for the time being. Anyone is welcome to read and comment and if anyone wants their own work listed then I’m happy to consider that too.

I’ve never tried seriously to get published, despite the encouragement of tutors over the years, and fellow students, except to send off the odd, sometimes very odd, short story or poem, without success. I’ve written novels, the most recent being a 60,000 first draft for NaNoWriMo, the write a novel in November international annual on-line initiative. I’ve also written novellas, short stories, scripts, and poems. I’m going to try again to get work published, looking at competitions as one way to at least get some useful feedback. If I get nowhere, at least my efforts will be available here, so hopefully someone gets some joy from it.

Just to help you find me try www.wdbaker.co.uk/bus-stop    From there you can get to other pieces.

Here’s looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Can you write a140 character story including hashtag?
    Join in with other ex and current Creative Writing learners at learn direct.

    #Fic140 I turned the spellcheck off when it changed my words. Now it types by itself.
    No I don’t. Ignore him. He’s as mad as a bix uf fregs.

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